Cover Art Request Form & Design Stipulations

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Cover Art Design Services & Stipulations

Dear Author:

The information below is to let you know about our designing process, fees and requests.
Our goal is to design a cover that will compliment your story and convey the right “theme.” We may not always be able to design your exact vision, but we will come very close. 
We design using and manipulating stock photos we purchase for each specific cover at   

We do not draw anything by hand. {If you need an actual illustrator, put out a call for a qualified artist at} 

We currently purchase images only from Big Stock Photo. We will purchase up to 3 images for your ebook cover design. 

{For fiction and non-fiction authors: We can also purchase an image from the site if you have one in mind, but this will make our fee $80.00 as the images are $15 per photo. This site is owned, operated and features professional male model Jimmy Thomas. It’s a proven fact that covers featuring one of his images will sell very well.} 
If we are unable to find anything suitable at BSP, we will contact you for options. The cover may have to be more general, relating only to the title’s theme. The most important element of your cover should be conveying the correct genre. You don’t want a reader to see your cover and think Science Fiction when it is really a Western. Part of our job is to let you know if your idea for the cover will compliment the story, is too busy, and/or whether is it something that will draw the reader’s attention.
From your description we will design a cover as close to that vision as possible. We can provide up to 2 additional changes after sending the original test cover. This includes optional images or styles for the cover. 
These changes do not include text. Different fonts and colors can be easily redone upon request, although we do request no more than 5 changes to the font styles and/or colors. Please note that the cover we send you is only a test. The picture(s) will likely be fuzzy or blurred in certain areas with a company watermark until we purchase it in full resolution. we’ll wait to purchase any of the images until we’ve agreed on a design. The final cover will feature the pictures in 300 dpi (which is required for print). We will only "flatten" the cover if you also hire me to design your cover for print. A flattened cover is not required at Smashwords.
As for price, our fee is $65.00 for an ebook cover design. $150 for Print cover design. If you purchase both an ebook and a print cover, we will discount the purchase at $200.
We request payment through Paypal since it’s a safe and reliable service, for both parties. Once We’ve received your completed Cover Art Form and the Paypal payment, I'll begin looking for the pictures needed to design your cover. We can no longer accept a personal check or money order! If you have a credit card, Paypal will allow you to use your credit card directly from their secure site. If you live outside of the continental United States, go to this page at Paypal and verify if your country is listed. If not, we won’t be able to design your cover:
Signing up for a Personal account at is free. You’re welcome to use the Paypal link from our website or we can send you an invoice. Please send payment using the following email address: or

{NOTE: If additional Paypal fees apply for those outside the USA (i.e. chargeback fees), the client will be responsible for paying all such fees.}
Once we design your cover, it's yours to take wherever you go. The images from BSP offer a standard license allowing usage for ebook or print covers. However, you aren't allowed to use the cover design on merchandise (mugs, tote bags, mouse pads, pens, etc.) without the purchase of an additional license (per photo) from the stock photo company and those are fairly expensive. It's more practical to simply have your name and author/book URL on merchandise.

***We do request credit for the cover’s design on the copyright page, whether for ebook or print. Traditionally, it goes on the copyright page: Cover Design by Karen Michelle Nutt at Gillian’s Book Covers, “Judge Your Book By Its Cover” or Katrina Gillian at Gillian’s Book Covers, “Judge Your Book by Its Cover (Depending on who does your book cover(s)). We appreciate the credit as it helps us become more recognized as a designer for those who purchase your book.
Let us know if you require a print cover as well as an ebook design. We work as a designer for Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery – imprints: Western Trail Blazer and Victory Tales Press – based in the USA) and we also design by private arrangement.
NOTE #1: Smashwords now requires all ebook covers to be saved in a higher resolution. The good news is ALL previous covers we've designed for SW clients already meet the requirements. Some artists save their work in smaller size and those are having to be resaved and uploaded. ALL of our covers are saved in 300 dpi, JPG format at 2471 x 3221 dimensions (pixels). Your final cover will more than meet the new SW requirements. The covers featuring Jimmy Thomas will vary slightly in size as he requires them to be 6 x 9 trim size. All of his covers are uploaded to his Facebook page, which is excellent promotion for the author.
NOTE #2: If you’re new to the self-publishing business, we strongly suggest visiting the following locations to gain more insight on how they operate. We will answer a few questions that can be difficult to find online, but we don’t offer personalized Author Consultations as this is very time-consuming and our main focus is on designing your cover and/or formatting the book. Most answers can be found online at the locations below:
Amazon’s Kindle:

We take on clients as we receive their completed form and PP payment. Our turn around time to deliver a cover is usually between 3-14 days, depending on how quickly my clients return emails and our current work load. We do try to respond to all emails within 72 hours.
We look forward to working with you and providing a cover you can be proud of.

Please read and sign below:

I have read and agreed to the cover design and formatting
stipulations by Gillian’s Book Covers, “Judge Your Book By Its Cover” as stated above.

________ 1) I require an ebook cover at this time.
________ 4) I would like to purchase a Pre-Designed Ebook Cover.
                a) Category: ________________  b) Cover Name : ____________________________________

*X* Client’s Signature: __________________________________

You may either type in your name or attach your physical signature as a picture. Typing in your name constitutes as a digital signature, so that will be fine.

Cover Art Form

Please fill in the blanks below and provide descriptions of scenes and characters.

Author’s Name (as it will appear on book):
Author’s Email:
Book Title:
Series Title or Subtitle:
Age Range: {Highlight in RED or Bold}

Toddler – 5 yrs        6 yrs – Teens        Teens – Young Adult        Adult
Genre: {Highlight in RED or Bold}

Children/YA            Romance            Action/Thriller            Mystery/Suspense            Horror                          
Paranormal            Western            Mainstream Fiction            Sci-Fi/Fantasy            Comedy
Non-Fiction {specify:____________________}        Other: { specify:____________________}
Cover Description: Basic scene ideas from story – do not include dialogue or cut and paste from the story. A brief synopsis of the book and the descriptions of a few key scenes will be sufficient. If you have a specific visual of the cover, describe in detail what you’d like to see on the front. The more description you provide, the better the cover design. If actual people will be featured on the cover, I’ll need full character descriptions: race, color of hair/eyes/skin, length and style of hair, etc. Please keep in mind that stock photos will be used, so our choices may be limited in certain areas.

{Description here}

Should you locate a photo you feel fits your story, please enter the following info for each photo:

Website Name:

Photo Stock Number or title:


If providing photos you have taken or purchased, please make sure to attach those when returning this form in 300 dpi as jpg, TIFF, or PNG files and also limit those to your first choices/favorites.