Sunday, March 15, 2015

Annalisa, Trinity Hill Brides Book III

~ The third Western Romance novella in the Trinity Hills Bride series from bestselling author Celia Yeary ~

When Annalisa Morriset arrives in Trinity Hill, Texas, she learns the  man she is to marry through the Boston Agency for Bridal Pairings does  not choose to marry anyone. Bewildered, she answers a summons from Miss  Lavinia Westmoreland who thought she knew best and had arranged the  marriage. Annalisa gently rebuffs all suggestions from this kind lady  and sets out on her own to find a job.

In the mercantile, she happens upon a strange group—a big man with long  hair and an unshaven face, two young bedraggled children, and  amazingly, an infant wrapped warmly and cuddled inside his heavy coat.  The mysterious man is David Allen, and in the course of two days, she  insists he allow her to help with these homeless children.

During  the next few weeks, both Annalisa and David face their own demons,  while trying to help others who are more unfortunate. She grew up in an  orphan's home, and he believes he has committed a grievous crime.

Unintentionally, the two face danger, heartache, confusion, and finally, an attraction neither understands.

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