Monday, March 30, 2015

Rebel's Crossroads by Nan O'Berry

Welcome to Rebel's Crossroads.

Sometimes a man can get burnt playing with fire. Patrick Sullivan can't get enough of newcomer Mitzi Stancil after her kitchen catches fire and he comes to her rescue. A onetime Broadway gypsy, Mitzi has returned, just like Dorothy Gayle, to find home.

When the musical director of the Founder's Day pageant is called out of town, Mayor Moore recruits
Mitzi to 'save the play'. But will her budding romance go up in flames when Ezra Brooks makes a play for her? Can the town bring these two lovers back together when a misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart?

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Annalisa, Trinity Hill Brides Book III

~ The third Western Romance novella in the Trinity Hills Bride series from bestselling author Celia Yeary ~

When Annalisa Morriset arrives in Trinity Hill, Texas, she learns the  man she is to marry through the Boston Agency for Bridal Pairings does  not choose to marry anyone. Bewildered, she answers a summons from Miss  Lavinia Westmoreland who thought she knew best and had arranged the  marriage. Annalisa gently rebuffs all suggestions from this kind lady  and sets out on her own to find a job.

In the mercantile, she happens upon a strange group—a big man with long  hair and an unshaven face, two young bedraggled children, and  amazingly, an infant wrapped warmly and cuddled inside his heavy coat.  The mysterious man is David Allen, and in the course of two days, she  insists he allow her to help with these homeless children.

During  the next few weeks, both Annalisa and David face their own demons,  while trying to help others who are more unfortunate. She grew up in an  orphan's home, and he believes he has committed a grievous crime.

Unintentionally, the two face danger, heartache, confusion, and finally, an attraction neither understands.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Judge Not by Jacquie Rogers

Elsie Parry and her eight mules survived the war, but can they escape the wrath of the Danby Gang? She lived alone for five years after the Recent Unpleasantness and was overcome with happiness to be reunited with her father. Now, his fondest desire is to leave all the bad memories behind and see the Pacific Ocean, so she agreed to head west. All’s well until they approach Wolf Creek, where they’re set upon by the notorious gang of ex-Confederate guerrillas… intent on proving the war is not over, after all.

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Lorelei by Celia Yeary

~ A Western Romance short from bestselling author Celia Yeary ~
Mail-order bride Lorelei Hastings arrives by train in Trinity Hill, Texas. Instead of a handsome dark-haired man who looks rather prosperous, a tall, muscular man wearing dusty work clothes greets her. The man is Daniel Carpenter, a livery owner. He explains the banker ordered two brides to choose between, and he's already made his choice.

Lorelei is the "leftover" bride.

She is furious, but has no recourse except to drive home with the big blond man who speaks very little.

No Small Tempest by Jacquie Rogers

Elsie Parry aims to get this load of salt delivered to Kearney, Nebraska, come hell or high water. Or outlaws. Or Indians. Her other driver, Hank, and her former outlaw brother Zeb will help – but her eight draft mules (who think they are Greek gods) will make the difference. If she can keep them from being stolen – or eaten.